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Terms & Conditions


1.1 Eligibility.


Membership in the Loyalty Program is free and available to any individual who: (a) possesses the legal authority to agree to the Program Rules; (b) resides in a jurisdiction which legally permits participation in the Loyalty Program; (c) provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Loyalty Program; (d) is not already a member of the Loyalty Program (i.e., does not already have a Membership Account); and (e) has not previously been terminated from the Loyalty Program.


1.1.a. Members are responsible for reading and understanding the Loyalty Program Rules, Account statements, and other communications from the Company about the Loyalty Program in order to understand his/her rights, responsibilities, and status in the Loyalty Program. If a Member has any questions about the Loyalty Program or these Program Rules, the Member should contact Member support (insert member support contact)


1.1.b. Members are responsible for reading the Company’s Privacy statement in order to understand how the Company collects, uses, and discloses a Member’s data. If a Member has any questions about the Company’s Privacy Statement or its collection, use, or disclosure of a Member’s data, the Member should contact member support.


1.1.c. applicants must be 18 years and above


1.1.d. The Villa Gold Card is strictly for card member’s individual use. It is not transferrable nor applicable for group usage.


1.2 Participating Properties


1.2.a. “Participating Properties” are hotels, resorts, and other transient stay properties operated under the brands below that are owned, managed, franchised or licensed by Holiday Villa Hotels International (“Participating Brands”) and are bookable through Holiday Villa Hotel Channels unless otherwise stated (see 1.2.b.).  The Participating Properties and Participating Brands include:


(List if participating hotels)


1.2.b. Members must present the card upon check-in or at outlets for membership discount before consuming or redeeming points.  



3.1 Redeeming Points for Awards.


A Member may redeem Points to obtain certain awards and benefits (each an “Award” or “Award Redemption”) including, without limitation, rooms at Participating Properties.


3.1.a.  Points and Awards may not be exchanged or redeemed by a Member for cash or credit.



3.2.b Awards are valid only for use by the individual designated on the Award and are not transferable.  At check-in, the guest using the Award may be required to show valid identification and provide a credit card to the Participating Property for incidental charges.


3.1.c. Awards believed to have been bartered, sold, exchanged, or issued fraudulently, or issued to someone other than the eligible Member, will be void and will not be honored.


3.2 Rooms at Participating Properties.

The revised redemption points for free stay will be as follow :-

 i. 7,500 points  =  1 room night in Superior/Deluxe room

 ii. 10,000 points  =  1 room night in Executive Room


A Member may redeem Points for single or double standard rooms at Participating Properties. Certain Participating hotel properties may have different redemption policies and points will vary on the different hotel property locations.


3.2.a.  Redeeming Points for an Award Redemption Stay is subject to availability at the time of reservation.  Advanced reservations are required and must be booked through the Holiday Villa Website


3.2.b.  When making a reservation at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, a “Redemption Award” will be added to the stay automatically, provided the Participating hotel has the room availability and that the Member has sufficient Points for the entire stay, and the Redemption awards will be activated upon check-in.


i.      Redemption points are required for reservations which use Free Night Awards, Upgrade Awards.


ii.      Redemption Awards are valid only for individual travel and are not valid for group travel, package tours, conventions or other special rates and/or package programs, incidental expenses, or service charges.


3.2.c.  The standard guarantee and cancellation policies of a Participating Property will apply to Award Redemption Stay reservations including, without limitation, no minimum length of stay required, credit card guarantee requirements and charges for late cancellation, no-shows, and early check-out.


i.      A Point refund may be issued for a stay that is less than the number of days on the Redemption Award, but the Member must inform the Participating Property’s front desk in advance of the early check-out time in order for the Point refund to be issued to the Member’s Account.


ii.      If a Member fails to cancel a guaranteed Award Redemption Stay reservation within the permitted cancellation period, the Participating Property will charge the applicable cancellation fee to the credit card provided by the Member at the time the reservation was made and the Points that were redeemed will be re-deposited into the Member’s Account. 


3.2.d.  The amount of Points required per night to obtain rooms at Participating Properties varies by the category of the Participating Property and the room types available at the Participating Property, length of stay, and may also vary by time of year. This includes rates based on demand (“Off-Peak and Peak Redemption Rates”) which may change for an Award Redemption Stay at the time of checking availability, at the time of booking or modifying an Award Redemption reservation, and at the time of when Points are deducted. A list of Participating Property categories is available on the Loyalty Program website. The Company may change a Participating Property’s category at any time.


3.2.e.  When redeeming Points for an Award Redemption Stay, the Award Redemption Stay includes the cost of a single or double standard room at a Participating Property, room tax/service charge are not included in redemption stay. Members pay for these charges.  All other charges, including incidentals, resort fees are the responsibility of the Member and are not included in the Award Redemption Stay.


i.      No upgrades applicable


ii.      With an Award Redemption Stay, bedding may be requested but are not guaranteed.


iii.      At the following all-inclusive properties, the Points redeemed for an Award Redemption Stay include the cost of up to two people in the standard room. Extra-person charges for the third, fourth, or more guests in the room is an additional fee and is not included in the Award Redemption as form of payment.  This fee as well as all other property charges are the responsibility of the Loyalty Program Member and are not included in the Award Redemption Stay.

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